MM T 2785. Sketchbook

Sketchbook containing literary drafts, letter drafts and lists of artworks.

No-MM_T2785-00-R.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 0-R

MM T 2785, p. 0-R

No-MM_T2785-00-Ri.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 0-Ri

MM T 2785, p. 0-Ri

Friedrichbergs [Street No.] 27

Goldstein Commentary. Person
H 184
Vesterbro Street [No.] 2

No-MM_T2785-001.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 1

MM T 2785, p. 1

The Smile –

The Child’s – The Harlot’s –
The Lady of the Court’s –
The Mephisto smile – The Smile
of well-being – Mona Lisa’s

‹Ninny› Sørensen Commentary. Person
Tømrergade [No.] 2 II Sal

No-MM_T2785-003.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 3

MM T 2785, p. 3

In the Wall.

    I wished to see a Bull
slaughtered – and make the most of
the Event –

    The Butcher and I go
into the Cowshed –

    – The butcher bends
over a handsome well-nourished
Bull – fed for Slaughter –

    He reaches his arm around its
Neck and says “Chere” –
– Unties it and leads [it]

No-MM_T2785-004.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 4

MM T 2785, p. 4

down a
Passageway to a Room
– the Slaughtering room –

    It is then led
Head first halfway
through the Door so that
the rear part of the Body remains
in the Slaughtering room and
the Head peers out
of the Door – into the Passageway –

    The Butcher threads a
Rope through an Iron Ring
in the Floor – fastens
one end around the Bull’s
Horns and tightens

No-MM_T2785-005.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 5

MM T 2785, p. 5

it – until the Bull
falls to its Knees
and its Head is forced
down to the Floor –
– The two large dark
Eyes peer out at
the Room –
– The Butcher
takes out a long-
handled Hammer

No-MM_T2785-006.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 6

MM T 2785, p. 6

    I hear a dull
Blow –
I encounter the
same large Eyes
that continue to stare
out into the Room Blood
seeping out of its Head
– The Butcher takes an
iron rod and
thrusts it into the Hole
in the Head – wrenching it around – there in the bloody mass of Brains
a Death rattle could be heard –
a Clatter of
Hooves – and the Bull
lies on the Ground –

No-MM_T2785-007.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 7

MM T 2785, p. 7

The Butcher picks up a
Dagger – climbs up on-
to the Bull’s Body
and thrusts it in-
to the Animal’s Heart
– a thick stream of Blood
surges out –

    The Butcher holds a Glass
up to the red Stream
and then empties the
blood-filled Glass in
Gulps –

    The abdomen is slit open
– The Intestines – Entrails

No-MM_T2785-008.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 8

MM T 2785, p. 8

the Heart Kidneys
are removed –

    The Head is severed

    The hide flayed
– the Carcass is
scraped inside
and out –
is washed rinsed and
hung up on the
Wall – like the
familiar Picture Commentary
by Rembrandt Commentary. Person

    The white and
yellow white

No-MM_T2785-009.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 9

MM T 2785, p. 9

Fat and Tallow
glisten – against
the deep
red and violet-blue
Meat – it drips
Watery Blood

    Is it not a
handsome piece of Work the
Butcher asks pointing
to the cleaned
and scraped Inside
of the Carcass where
the Spinal Rings like
–the Trunk of a Tree with

No-MM_T2785-010.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 10

MM T 2785, p. 10

its Branches resembled
a beautifully
executed Work of Art
in Red and white

    – What is that
over there by the Spine
something moves
– a little white
String –

    Back and forth –
in Keeping – rhythmically
with the tempo of the pulse –

    – It is only

No-MM_T2785-011.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 11

MM T 2785, p. 11

the twitching of the Nerves said
the Butcher –
– Only the twitching of the Nerves?
– And yet it is Movement
– Life –

    Or perhaps it was the
final Attachment of the
Animal’s Soul to this
powerful Creature’s Body –
– The final Farewell

No-MM_T2785-012.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 12

MM T 2785, p. 12

No-MM_T2785-013.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 13

MM T 2785, p. 13

    The Professor
The Will already
existed in the
Protoplasm – the aspiration of
The Will is to exercise Power
– It was developed within
a Being –

    The Human Being –
The Pores of the Human – can see
feel – move – and hear
and speak
The Pores – The Cells of
the Skin’s physiology – are the Limitations
of the Protoplasm –
In other words – the Human Being’s
Pores can see feel – move
– but the Human Being

No-MM_T2785-014.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 14

MM T 2785, p. 14

wished to see more
so the two Eyes
grew –
he wished to hear
more and the Ears
grew –
To move more
the Feet [grew]
to feel more
the Hands – etc. –
– The urge to
and the Vocal Chords
developed –

No-MM_T2785-015.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 15

MM T 2785, p. 15

The Vocal Chords what
a strange Contrivance
Ladies and Gentlemen –
– The Voice can be heard –
what Power it has
For one who has no need
for loud Sound –
– Another type
of Power is concealed
in the Frequencies of Sound
that one is not aware
of – here we touch
upon melody
Resonance or whatever
one wishes to call this

No-MM_T2785-016.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 16

MM T 2785, p. 16

strange Power –
– it is one of Sympathies
– or if you wish
of the negative sort – of Antipathies
– in any case
a Rhythmic Influence
– A slight
Frequency of Sound can
when it encounters a
similarly tuned
Sound instrument
evoke Resonance across
a long Distance –
– The Vocal Chords
and the Ear –
this Marconi Commentary. Person

No-MM_T2785-017.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 17

MM T 2785, p. 17

device – the Vocal Chords
and the Oral Cavity – the Station
for Dispatching – The Ear
the Receiving Station –
– Aside from these
Sound Waves another
Marconi Commentary. Person telegraph
has a simultaneous effect–
– which is not dispatched
to the Receiver merely
to be heard in the Ear –
its purpose is to
cause a Disturbance
to occur at the Receiving Station
– it can create Life

No-MM_T2785-018.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 18

MM T 2785, p. 18

and kill –

    Glass – Light

    A Gentleman enters

and sits down at a
Table – a Woman stands
stiffly – cold – and pallid behind
him – otherwise
indifferent she utters
one little Word –

No-MM_T2785-019.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 19

MM T 2785, p. 19

immediately the Man
breaks down grabs
a Revolver and shoots himself

    She killed the Man
with one little Word.
Yet it was not so much
the Word as the
Sound – that did it
– it was perhaps not even
the Word or the Sound –
– it was the
Frequency of the
nerves of her Vocal Chords – and
due to this Frequency entering at
precisely this

No-MM_T2785-020.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 20

MM T 2785, p. 20

Point in time –

    This little
Frequency struck at this
exact instant a little
Nerve centre somewhere
in his Body or
Spine – so that he
broke down –
Like Light he was
made ready
and had
become receptive

No-MM_T2785-021.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 21

MM T 2785, p. 21

by the occurrence
– receptive
to this little
Sound from the Woman – the Enemy

    She wanted to take revenge
He came mollified
by Tears Entreaties –
Intercessions by Friends –

    – She had
pretended Suicide
in order to get him
to come to her – He had
kept watch the entire Night

No-MM_T2785-022.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 22

MM T 2785, p. 22

by her Bed –

    – Then the past
Night he had fallen
asleep safely by her
Breast – hoping
– willing to sacrifice himself
in order to save a
Human Life –

    She lay in wait of
the Moment – like
a Wasp in order

No-MM_T2785-023.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 23

MM T 2785, p. 23

to inject her
Sting into the
mollified one – the Human Body
Man Enemy –
who like Light
was made receptive

    – And the little
Voice – the little
Word – No – the
little Frequency pierced
directly in – through the
open Flesh – to

No-MM_T2785-024.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 24

MM T 2785, p. 24

a little
Fibre in the Human
Body –

    And as if struck
by Lightning he
broke down –

    His back caved
in – Contorted
the large masses of
Muscles con-
tracted –

    The sinews twisted

No-MM_T2785-025.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 25

MM T 2785, p. 25

and strained and
knotted –

    His Head sank to the
Table –

    He rocked his
Head – back and
forth –

    His arms contorted
with the Movements of the
Muscles and Sinews
– His hands clenched
and grasped the air –

No-MM_T2785-026.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 26

MM T 2785, p. 26

    [Reached] Into a Drawer
– He held a
Revolver in his Hand
– He clenched it
with both Hands –
– fumbled with it – clawed at
it – A Shot –

    He stands
up looks
around Eyes wide
holding his left

No-MM_T2785-027.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 27

MM T 2785, p. 27

Hand to his Chest
– Blood oozes out from
between the Fingers
– He staggers
a Few Steps and
falls back onto the
Bed –

    His Eyes seek for one last Second
the Woman
who stands there with the
same piercing
ice-cold Gaze she
wore the entire Evening
looking at him
He is dead

No-MM_T2785-028.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 28

MM T 2785, p. 28

she had
struck one of those
little Nerves in the back
in the Spine – like
the little living
Nerve in the Bull’s
Body – She
had with a Woman’s
Instinct discharged
her Electricity towards
this little receptive
Neural plate like the
Marconi Commentary. Person telegraph

No-MM_T2785-029.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 29

MM T 2785, p. 29

in the Man’s Spine

    Since the Card was written
in an overwrought and excitable
State of mind and
created an unintentional
Significance I apologize
herewith sending it
– and of course wish

No-MM_T2785-030.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 30

MM T 2785, p. 30

that it had [not] been delivered
which by the way
was due to a Coincidence

No-MM_T2785-031.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 31

MM T 2785, p. 31

Stenersen Commentary. Person
2 nude studies
Overlooking the Fjord
Summer night

No-MM_T2785-032.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 32

MM T 2785, p. 32

Mr Dybwad Commentary. Person

    The threat of a Conviction I give little
credence to –

    The reason why the Card was
written is first of all a Consequence
of Numerous Persecutions –
among which Mr Krogh Commentary. Person in an
Article in Verdens Gang Commentary. Institution contributed this
threatening article

No-MM_T2785-033.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 33

MM T 2785, p. 33

Thought kills
Emotion –
and increases
Sensibility –

Wine kills
Sensibility and
Increases Emotion


No-MM_T2785-035.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 35

MM T 2785, p. 35

Dear Madame – You
believe in Ghosts You
say – I will tell
You a Story –
from Paris –

    I had had
an Exhibition –
There at that
Exhibition  … 

No-MM_T2785-037.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 37

MM T 2785, p. 37

Cause and Effect

    The Heart palpitates in [the presence of]
Peril one becomes Fearful
– A weak Heart
palpitates without Cause
and one experiences a Sense
of Fear and Peril.

    Evil Thoughts are
the Seeds of Evil Deeds.

    – Crimes are
Thoughts that have become

No-MM_T2785-038.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 38

MM T 2785, p. 38

If one
is treated like
a Dog one
becomes a Dog

A bad Stomach
generates bad
Thoughts –
A weak Stomach
assaults the Nervous system
Poor Nerves assault
the Stomach

No-MM_T2785-039.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 39

MM T 2785, p. 39

    One is glad for a
Sunny day – but
Sunshine does not
always bring a sense
of Pleasure


    The Melancholic
sits rigidly still
– staring steadily out
into space – The Limbs
almost like Trees –
– In this manner the
Melancholic sits for
Hours – without
No-MM_T2785-040.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 40

MM T 2785, p. 40

feeling, thinking – without
speaking –

    Her Blood flows
very slowly in her
Veins –

    One can also say that
because her Blood flows
so slowly she is
brought into this state –

    The furious one flares up
violently The Eyes stare
insanely the blood surges
to and from the Head –
Words erupt from
the Mouth with incoherent
Intensity – Thoughts
follow one another in a fury of Rage
The Blood is in chaotic

No-MM_T2785-041.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 41

MM T 2785, p. 41

Motion – One can
also say because the Blood flows so  … 

Art and the Human Being

Hogarth Commentary. Person painted
Vice – and the Bohemian
in London – himself a
Bourgeois who died happily
in the Bosom of his Family –

Raphael Commentary. Person Painter
of Beauty and Virtue
died of Syphilis –

Shakespeare Commentary. Person died
as a Rentier
No-MM_T2785-042.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 42

MM T 2785, p. 42

Are Hogarth Commentary. Person and
Shackespeare Commentary. Person
Manifestations of a certain type of
English Hypocrisy –

    Is it Vice’s
Longing for
Virtue – or
Virtue’s Craving
for Sordidness –

    Is Art a
Lily that is thrown

No-MM_T2785-043.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 43

MM T 2785, p. 43

onto the Dung heap
– does it thrive best there
like a Diamond
excreted by a
Clam –

No-MM_T2785-046.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 46

MM T 2785, p. 46

    When the little
Hocus soul – had caused me to
become mutilated and
destroyed – the wealthy
Harlot Soul gained Peace
and Balsam for her
Wounds –

    I allowed myself to be tortured
to Death – for 3 Years
before I said to my-
self I shall ride out
the worst of the storm and

No-MM_T2785-044.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 44

MM T 2785, p. 44

Andrea Krohg Commentary. Person
the Railway Hotel Commentary. Institution

The Torment of Love
I shall endure
past the worst
Stage –

    When I had suffered
to the shattering point–
she and her paid
Executioners set
a Trap for me
in order to give me a
Fatal blow

No-MM_T2785-045.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 45

MM T 2785, p. 45

Madame Brask Commentary. Person
Thorvaldsen’s Museum Commentary. Institution

No-MM_T2785-047.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 47

MM T 2785, p. 47

Berlin  Paris –

Berlin this City
with a Population
whose growth is
enormous – compared
to Paris which has
crystallised –

    – Paris is considered to be
the City of Vice –

    – The Vice is at least
civilised – it has
been given a vaccine – and is
not as malignant

No-MM_T2785-048.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 48

MM T 2785, p. 48

as the Vice that
is inoculated in
a new City
like Berlin –

    The Pool of Vice
is more brutal
and base in this
City – where so
much fresh Meat
flows in
from the Countryside –

    (Ghosts Commentary by Ibsen Commentary. Person
Regine Commentary the fresh Blood

No-MM_T2785-049.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 49

MM T 2785, p. 49

    Paris City of Painters)

No-MM_T2785-050.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 50

MM T 2785, p. 50

    The card is the morbid
Consequence of Massive persecution
in which Mr. Krohg Commentary. Person himself has
participated – It strikes me as
being rather ludicrous to demand
an Apology in the wake of
them –

No-MM_T2785-051.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 51

MM T 2785, p. 51

Small Warnemunde

No-MM_T2785-053.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 53

MM T 2785, p. 53



    Drachmann Commentary. Person lies
in his Urn – His
large Stature com-
pressed into a
small Handful of Dust –

    We were together a
few Months ago
– an image still remains
in the Eye as on a
Photographic plate
– fresh as though he has
just stepped aside
– In my Ear I can hear
his Voice – as

No-MM_T2785-054.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 54

MM T 2785, p. 54

clearly as if
– the words were just
spoken – like a
Phonograph –
– “Well listen to this
dear Friend” –

    The words were round
and mellow –

    Everything is fire – and
Movement I said –
– we burn like
Trees and everything,

    It is true he said

No-MM_T2785-055.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 55

MM T 2785, p. 55

we are Flames
that shoot out of
the Earth –

    We spoke about Courage
– Women –

    I wonder whether we have
the Courage to confess
when we have behaved
cowardly I said –

    Well now I will tell you
everything – he said

    When I have behaved
cowardly – and the

No-MM_T2785-056.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 56

MM T 2785, p. 56

truth about Woman
– I am writing a Book
– And then I shall
drill a hole in the Boat
– the entire Arc will
sink –

    Champagne glasses
were filled and emptied –

    Yes dear Friend –

    We spoke about
the dissolution of the Union and
a possible War with
Sweden –

No-MM_T2785-057.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 57

MM T 2785, p. 57

Why did you not
fight – why
did Bjørnson Commentary. Person
oppose War –
– The Cockerel Nansen Commentary. Person
he raised
his long Arm
and gesticulated in the Air –
– it had something
of the Weathercock’s
Wing beat –

    After a Spell I said

No-MM_T2785-058.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 58

MM T 2785, p. 58

what did Brutus say
to the Man of Letters in Julius
Caesar Commentary

    Man of Letters what is your
stance here when Men
battle –

    (Drachmann Commentary. Person had
given Speeches during
the tensions of War in 1905)

    Perhaps two
courageous Human Beings

No-MM_T2785-059.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 59

MM T 2785, p. 59

Lives are more precious
than all Art –

    Well well he said
You are Right –

    You are indeed a poet
he said after a

    Now I think of
the Day he burst in-
to Flames and caved in

No-MM_T2785-060.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 60

MM T 2785, p. 60

as he himself was
a great unevenly
burning Flame
that now and then
shot up large and tall
– and I thought
of his Words about
drilling a Hole in the Boat

No-MM_T2785-061.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 61

MM T 2785, p. 61


One does not paint
from Nature –
one takes from it
or helps oneself from its
bountiful Platter

No-MM_T2785-062.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 62

MM T 2785, p. 62

Stora Glasbrug
Street [No.] 15 a

    Jansson Commentary. Person

No-MM_T2785-063.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 63

MM T 2785, p. 63

Style and Impressionism.

In Art lies the Human
Craving for Crystallisation
– Matter decomposes
in Nature to once again
take shape – become
stylised –

    While Impressionism is
virtually a display of
dissolving Energy – it seeks
at the same time to
adhere to the style of the Form

No-MM_T2785-064.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 64

MM T 2785, p. 64

I demanded Either or –

    – The clear Condition was –
[that it should be] at my place – in my Cottage – or
dream –

No-MM_T2785-065.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 65

MM T 2785, p. 65

24 –

    Spring [is] Winter’s

    Spring [is] the Origin
of Winter

    Birth [is] the Messenger
of Death –

    Death [is] the threshold to
Life –

No-MM_T2785-066.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 66

MM T 2785, p. 66

No-MM_T2785-067.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 67

MM T 2785, p. 67

Miss L Commentary. Person

Her Light had
blazed – whored – and cavorted
Abroad – like [the light]
under a Bushel –

    It was a question of dazzling
in the light of Day –

    As with Obstfelder Commentary. Person
I was to be the Spring-
board – from which she
could leap up to
the Parnassus of Artists
to parade her Star
– For her it was merely
fortunate – that I was sickly
– she thought she would then
have a more willing tamer
Board – one that bounced only

No-MM_T2785-068.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 68

MM T 2785, p. 68

for her –
And the Springboard
would also –
be ready
to receive
her – when she
fell back down from her
Skyward leap –
GH Commentary. Person – and one  … 

No-MM_T2785-071.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 71

MM T 2785, p. 71

And the Word was made Flesh –

Is not Christ –
a Spark of Primordial Light
– Primordial Heat Electricity
– the Divinity.
– the Power of the Word
– Has a Mighty Spark
from the Realm – of
Crystallisations – not
struck down into Christ’s
Soul – in other words the Divinity’s
Son – Power
became centralised
in him –
No-MM_T2785-072.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 72

MM T 2785, p. 72

like a concentrate
The Dissemination of his Word
caused – Fluctuations
in the Air – Waves –
rings in the Air –
which in the course of
2000 Years have been
dispersed across
the Globe

No-MM_T2785-073.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 73

MM T 2785, p. 73

    I made the Observation
that when I walked down
the Street on a Sunny Day
on Karl Johan Commentary. Place
and saw the white Buildings
against the blue Spring
Air – the Files of
in Streams that
crossed one another were like
a Ribbon being pulled
along the Facades of the Buildings –
– then the Music
can be heard approaching

No-MM_T2785-074.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 74

MM T 2785, p. 74

playing a March –
– then I see the Colours
are suddenly different
– the Air
quivered – the yellow-
white Facades
quivered – The Colours Danced
in the Stream
of People
– in [the] bright red
and white
Parasols – [the] yellow –
light blue Spring outfits
– against the blue-black
Winter attire

No-MM_T2785-075.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 75

MM T 2785, p. 75

the golden Trumpets
flickered as they
gleamed in the Sun –
– there was a quivering
in blue and red and yellow

    I saw differently
under the Influence of
the Music –
The Music broke up the Colours
– I felt a sense
of Exhilaration –

No-MM_T2785-077.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 77

MM T 2785, p. 77

One Evening I was walking
along a Hillside road
near Kristiania Commentary. Place
together with two
Friends    It
was a Time when Life
had lacerated
my Soul –

    The Sun went down – had
ducked in fiery retreat
beneath the Horizon –
– It was as though
a Flaming Sword
of Blood slashed across the
Vault of the Sky

No-MM_T2785-078.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 78

MM T 2785, p. 78

The Air turned to
Blood – with glaring
threads of Fire –

    – The Hills turned a
deep blue –
the Fjord – glared in
cold blue – yellow and
red Colours –

    A shrill
blood red – on the
Road – and the Railing

    – My Friends’

No-MM_T2785-079.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 79

MM T 2785, p. 79

Faces turned a
glaring yellowish white –
– I felt a
great Scream
– and I actually
heard a great
Scream –

    The Colours in
Nature – broke up
the Lines in Nature
– the Lines and the Colours
quivered in Motion
– These oscillations of Light

No-MM_T2785-080.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 80

MM T 2785, p. 80

did not cause my Eye
alone to Vibrate
it also caused my Ear
to Vibrate –
so that I actually heard
a Scream –

    I then painted
the Picture [entitled] Scream –

No-MM_T2785-082.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 82

MM T 2785, p. 82

    The Bathing picture

The Warnemunde

No-MM_T2785-083.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 83

MM T 2785, p. 83

    Realism – Naturalism
were the solution –

    Zola Commentary. Person – Maupassant Commentary. Person
– Repercussions
of Voltaire Commentary. Person[ – ] Rousseau Commentary. Person
– Darwin Commentary. Person in England –
– Georg Brandes Commentary. Person
– Bjørnson Commentary. Person
Alexander Kjelland Commentary. Person
and also Ibsen Commentary. Person – who
at that time was considered a

No-MM_T2785-084.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 84

MM T 2785, p. 84

ask the honoured Company to be informed
that – the Card was a Reminder
to Mr. Krohg Commentary. Person about that Article
in Verdens Gang Commentary. Institution that disseminated the
lie that I

No-MM_T2785-085.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 85

MM T 2785, p. 85

    I do not wish to spread
untenable Rumours and will
willingly retract (as the Card was
written in morbid agitation) and
correct that which is not
an established Fact –

    – the Word Villainy – is used
to denote a specific Action enacted by –
a certain Man – which suggests and

No-MM_T2785-086.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 86

MM T 2785, p. 86

    Nature to the core –
Loyalty to the utmost
– It was not
necessary to choose
Motifs –

    I painted preferably
at the Window – the same
Motifs – in Sunshine
Rain – Summer and
Winter –

    – A Cluster of
Birch trees –

    First draw up
the Mass – then distinguish

No-MM_T2785-087.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 87

MM T 2785, p. 87

and draw each Trunk
– distinguish and draw each
Branch that was
on the Trunk –
– then all the Twigs –
– down to the smallest
that were gathered in
the Masses

    – all of the Twigs would be
included – all the small
Marks on the Trunk
– Yet there were still
more –

    I laboured and sweated

No-MM_T2785-088.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 88

MM T 2785, p. 88

    I declare that the Card
written by me is a Reaction
(an acute Nervous condition) after the
afore-mentioned Events
– Aggravated by a Succession of Assaults
of various Nature –
– In addition to these Assaults
is the threatening article by
Krohg Commentary. Person – Hamsun Commentary. Person’s Article
in Which Falsehoods are circulated

No-MM_T2785-089.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 89

MM T 2785, p. 89

    A subscription to Das
Werk costs 100 Marks
– In the Shop 300
Marks –

    100 Impressions are printed
after which the Stone
and the Woodcut are destroyed

No-MM_T2785-090.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 90

MM T 2785, p. 90

The Large Crate
Large Picture on
the Bridge –
Madame Nørregaard Commentary. Person blue Dress
The Little Køsen Girls
Bathing man small
Adam and Eve
    on Cardboard
Marine pictures
Study of a head

No-MM_T2785-091.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 91

MM T 2785, p. 91

    Bjørnson Commentary. Person

No-MM_T2785-093.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 93

MM T 2785, p. 93

Sorte Damsøen Commentary Copenhagen

    – Well You see [it] is the
Lake that everyone drowns themselves in
– who wishes to be fished
out again –

    Well I will tell
You a Story –
There was once a Woman
who wished to aggravate her

    – She threw herself
into the Water – and shouted
for Help –
but she was a good

No-MM_T2785-092.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 92

MM T 2785, p. 92

swimmer – it was the Poor
Bloke who could not swim mind you
who went in after her and drowned –
– The Girl came out of the water
– and there was her
second Fiancé –
and Arm in Arm
They went to see the Notary Public

    Well I’ll be damned
– said the Dane

No-MM_T2785-094.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 94

MM T 2785, p. 94

    Heiberg Commentary. Person’s Enterprises
in Paris (Schlytter Commentary. Person)

No-MM_T2785-095.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 95

MM T 2785, p. 95

    To enter into a Liaison
because one will not
or cannot marry –
– thereupon to be coerced
into Marriage because the Affair
has been initiated is absurd –

    – All the more when it
has come to light that you
are ill-suited for one another –
An unhappy Marriage
is a Curse –

    Why enter into one
in advance

No-MM_T2785-096.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 96

MM T 2785, p. 96


    Schiefler Commentary. Person
The dead Lovers
    Still Life
Old Man
Syphilitic Child
The Dead Lovers
Bathing picture
Weeping Women
two Pictures Meiszer Commentary
No-MM_T2785-097.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 97

MM T 2785, p. 97

    22 Yellow Colour

No-MM_T2785-098.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 98

MM T 2785, p. 98

No-MM_T2785-100.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 100

MM T 2785, p. 100

    The insane thing about the Relationship was this.
– In a free Relationship – one of the Partners
obviously has the Right to say –
I will go to another – if You refuse
to marry – me –

    But the insane thing was – she
not only ran off with all the others – in addition
she demanded just as much Right to have me – I [have]
the Right to take my own Life –

No-MM_T2785-101.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 101

MM T 2785, p. 101

– Do Spirits exist?

    We see what we
see – because our Eyes
are constituted
as they are – What are we [but]
– an amalgamation of Energy
in Motion – a candle
that burns – with a Wick
– Inner – Heat –
outer Flames – and
yet another invisible
Ring of Flames – which
feels –
No-MM_T2785-102.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 102

MM T 2785, p. 102

    – Had we had different
stronger Eyes – we
would – like the X-ray
– only see
our Wicks –

    the Skeletal system –
Had we had different Eyes
– we would be able to see
our exterior Casing of
Flames – and we would
have other Forms –
– In other words why
should – other Beings
with lighter – insubstantial Mole-
cules – not exist among us –
The Souls of our dear ones – for Example?


No-MM_T2785-103.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 103

MM T 2785, p. 103

    As soon as the Relationship
was initiated she considered
me an Object
that belonged to her
– Like the Toy Soldier Christmas
Tree ornament she received
as a young Child –

    Her great Sorrow
– her Exasperation –
was aroused when she
saw that this Object
– could actually
walk – had a free Commentary

No-MM_T2785-104.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 104

MM T 2785, p. 104

My Dear Ladies Bohemians and Swine

Judge  what is it You have done then

Well I will tell you
I have defecated on a Turd

Judge  A Hell of a Habit
A Display quite Virtuous
That Conduct was Foul

No-MM_T2785-105.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 105

MM T 2785, p. 105

Will –

    When she the
wealthy Tulla L Commentary. Person – loved
– The Object of
her Devotion
was welcome to leave – go away
when she wished to play
– wished to have some fun
– The Toy Soldier
had a Brain that
functioned –
Could oppose
her Wishes
No-MM_T2785-107.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 107

MM T 2785, p. 107

She could not
cast off
the Toy Soldier
herself – as she did
the many Dolls she
had been given in the past and
immediately discarded –

    The Toy Solder had [to be dealt with]
in another Manner
She dispensed [the contents]
of her Money bag
[among] her paid Helpers

No-MM_T2785-108.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 108

MM T 2785, p. 108

Mr. Schiefler Commentary. Person 3 Cal …   … 
Baugel Wiesbaden
Franqfurt am Main

No-MM_T2785-109.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 109

MM T 2785, p. 109

then everyone cries out
Tulla L Commentary. Person – is drowning
for Your Sake –
so deeply has she
loved You –

    and the Toy Soldier it turns
out did not only have
a Brain and Legs but
a Heart as well – That
she had understood
The Toy Soldier with
a Heart – ran into
the Water – there was
no Tulla L there only

No-MM_T2785-111.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 111

MM T 2785, p. 111

a Female Doll
they had Set – up
so the Toy Soldier died
in the cold Water –
and Tulla L Commentary. Person was
pleased and chose
a Male Doll as
before – that did not have a Head
nor Legs –

No-MM_T2785-113.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 113

MM T 2785, p. 113

It is a Lady!

    That is to say – A
Lady had the Right to
scheme against –
slander – persecute
a Man – destroy
a Man through Lies
– and traps – by
all the Means that
are available to a cunning
vengeful Person
in order to kill a Man
– A Man must
remain silent and bear it –
Because it is a Lady
No-MM_T2785-114.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 114

MM T 2785, p. 114

    Then why does one hang
Female Poisoners
– or punish a Maid
who has stolen –

    They are perhaps better
Human Beings than the
clandestine Criminals

No-MM_T2785-115.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 115

MM T 2785, p. 115

No-MM_T2785-116.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 116

MM T 2785, p. 116


due to Numerous Assaults
from the same Quarter –

No-MM_T2785-117.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 117

MM T 2785, p. 117

Bock and Sohn Commentary. Institution
5758 Amt 1
Schiefler Commentary. Person
334 Amt 4

No-MM_T2785-118.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 118

MM T 2785, p. 118

    I shall [agree]  upon the following amicable
Settlement – Kristian Krohg Commentary. Person retracts
In the same Statement the
Falsehoods promulgated about me
in Verdens Gang Commentary. Institution – and the
Lies that I have assaulted
a great many –

    Kristian Krohg’s Article was well polished
and not a matter for the police – my Card
is written in morbid Rage

No-MM_T2785-119.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 119

MM T 2785, p. 119

June 14th 08

    The Establishment’s
Host has such
a dreadful
Voice – that when
he begins to
bellow the Milk becomes
sour –

    I must express my regret that
his white-haired Wife
must from one Morning to the next
be subjected to this
Marconi Commentary. Person emission

No-MM_T2785-120.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 120

MM T 2785, p. 120

No-MM_T2785-121.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 121

MM T 2785, p. 121

    – A choir of hypocrites – when Bjørnson Commentary. Person and
Clavenæs Commentary  after [submitting] the statement said
behave Morally –

    – A paid Piece of Treachery
because a few Years ago I
had refrained from acting the tramp
in relation to an aging worldly
wealthy Old Maid

No-MM_T2785-122.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 122

MM T 2785, p. 122

Art and Nature.

    Art is the opposite
of Nature –
(in a Way at least)

    A Work of Art
comes from the Inner soul
of a Human Being
– Art is the Picture’s
manifested through
Human Nerves –
Eye – Brain and Heart

No-MM_T2785-123.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 123

MM T 2785, p. 123

Art is the Human
craving for Crystallisation

    Nature is the infinitely
great realm from which
the picture takes its Nourishment

Nature is not
only that which is visible
to the eye – it is also
the inner Picture of the Soul
– on the Back side of the
Eye –

represents a great Armful
in Nature’s Cauldron
– A new Country in
the Kingdom of Art

No-MM_T2785-124.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 124

MM T 2785, p. 124

If one wishes to depict

    To depict
intense Emotions
only through working
Directly from Nature
– or Nature seen
in an intense emotional state
is extremely
Nerve-wracking work –

    In a few Hours to
absorb the relatively
indifferent Nature
in oneself – then in these
Few Hours to allow it

No-MM_T2785-125.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 125

MM T 2785, p. 125

to be revealed filtered
through the chambers
of the Eye – the Brain
the Nerves –
the Heart –
glowing in the
 …  of Passion –
the Soul’s Inferno
– is extremely taxing
on the Nervous system
(F[or example]  Van Gogh Commentary. Person  … )
(in part myself

    [I do not paint what
I see but what I
saw (Was a phrase uttered
by me around 1890 – and now in
1925 noted down here)]

No-MM_T2785-127.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 127

MM T 2785, p. 127

    In 1902 a disgraceful Drama
was enacted in
Drøbak Commentary. Place that cost me
my Left Hand as well as
my Health possibly for Life

    As far as I understand
I wished to remind Mr. Krohg Commentary. Person and
his Circle of friends of this

No-MM_T2785-126.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 126

MM T 2785, p. 126

Event – that was
Staged by
a Number of his Acquaintances –
Hence I did not wish
to imply that Krohg Commentary. Person
has participated himself in the Drama –

    The National Theatre
Prague Commentary. Institution

No-MM_T2785-128.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 128

MM T 2785, p. 128

Bjørn Bjørnson Commentary. Person  included
the poorer aspects of German
Acting –
the  …  bellowing
– This was combined
with Some ponderous
Gentlemen’s Art of Loafing
One became famous
to be sure
The realistic
art of loafing  … 
with a Drøbak Commentary. Place  bohemian
clique’s Jargon
Produced the Norwegian

Krohg Commentary. Person’s Art of Loafing – and Bread [and butter] Painting

No-MM_T2785-998-Vi.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 998 Vi

MM T 2785, p. 998 Vi

Modern Art Salon Commentary. Institution
Goethe Street No. 64
Bla Ch

    To be on the safe side
Subscriptions for 50 Portfolios
will be issued –

    – Once the Subscription
has ended –
the remaining
50 portfolios will cost
300 Marks

    The Stone will be stripped

No-MM_T2785-999-V.jpg. MM T 2785, p. 999 V

MM T 2785, p. 999 V