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You can see the search results below. You can continue to browse in the translated Munch texts using the search window below.
Truncated searching is possible: A search for skri* returns hits on both 'skrik' and 'skrig', but also 'skrigende', i.e. all words beginning with skri. A search for skri? on the other hand only returns 'skrik' and 'skrig', i.e. ? means zero or one character.
Searches for several words simultaneously is treated as AND searches, i.e. only hits containing all of the words are returned.
In addition to the usual free text search, you can search by inventory number. This implies that you must know the inventory number. Write the inventory number in the search window, for example “MM N 38”, “N 38” or “PN 1270”. See “About the collection” for more information regarding the inventory numbers.
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