R. Morton

R. H. Morton Fødsels- og dødsår ukjent
Britisk. Tilknyttet The Society of Scottish Artists.


    Brev og brevutkast fra Edvard Munch til R. Morton

    I det digitale arkivet finnes det 1 brev/brevutkast til denne mottakeren.

    Munchmuseet, MM N 2364.    Brevutkast. Ikke datert.
    «I thank jou very much for jour very friendly and intresant lettre (writing) Ich schould like to know more English and speak a little with jou – But it cant help –»

    Brev fra R. Morton til Edvard Munch

    I det digitale arkivet finnes det 5 brev fra denne avsenderen. – Hvis lenkene nedenfor er aktive, er brevene publisert.

    Munchmuseet, MM K 4221.   Brev. Datert 30.10.1931. 
    «No doubt Mr. Stenersen has informed you of the various communications he has received from our secretary Mr. Walker, and I trust that you are thoroughly satisfied by the arrangements being made by us for the works you are good enough to loan us for our forthcoming exhibition: opening day Saturday 28th November closing day Saturday 9th January 1932.» 
    Munchmuseet, MM K 4222.   Brev. Datert 23.11.1931. 
    «I shall be surprised if you do not gain some staunch champions in this country.» 
    Munchmuseet, MM K 4223.   Brev. Datert 14.03.1932. 
    «have afforded us in Scotland.» 
    Munchmuseet, MM K 4224.   Brev. Datert 07.12.1933. 
    «of thought and feeling to a richer harvest of the Spirit.» 
    Munchmuseet, MM K 4225.   Brev. Datert 26.11.1938. 
    «The President and Council of The Society of Scottish artists request the honour of the presence of Mr Edvard Munch and friend, in the Royal Scottish Academy Galleries. Mound, on Saturday, 26th November, at 2.30 P.M., to receive The Lord Provost, Magistrates, and Council of the City of Edinburgh, on the occasion of the opening of the exhibition.» 

    R. Morton er omtalt i følgende tekster

    Munchmuseet, MM K 4218.   Brev fra The Society of Scottish Artists. Ikke datert. Se s. 1
    «President W. Merwyn Glars Council Chairman The President Professional members Miss A.S. Black R.C.W. F.C. Miears F.R.I.B.A. A. Healey Hirlofs Wm Macdonald Win MacFaggart Francis Macsalken R. H. Morton Lay members Alex Harrison C.A. Hon. treasurer Dr. Chas R. Whittaker, F.R.C.S. Norman Sturrock.»
    Munchmuseet, MM K 4219.   Brev fra The Society of Scottish Artists. Datert 08.10.1931. Se s. 1
    «As the Loan Works Committee has already exceeded its budget, it is necessary that every expense should be cut down to a minimum. Mr. Morton whom you say, has been in communication with Mr. Salvesen of the Shipping firm, who is much interested in the project, and has very kindly offered the Society special consideration with regard to freight, therefore, we should like to try to arrange matters here, and we have also received a very favourable quotation for Insurance. In order to find out which would be the cheaper method, perhaps you would be good enough to give such details as you can of the estimated cost of Ninety Guineas mentioned by you.»
    Munchmuseet, MM N 180.   Notat av Edvard Munch. Datert 1931. Se bl. 1r
    «Jeg blev jo af udstillingskomiteen behandlet meget gentilt – og den elskværdige Maler Morton der fik den i stand i Oslo sendte mig flere yderstmed varme hilsener fra sig Udstillingen fra sig og kamerater. Der var osså flere meget anerkjendende presseutalelser – Han ‹meddelede› …  Han sier at det var en stor del kunstnere der gjorde slige ‹invitationer› netop fordi de var kje af det conventionelle i den engelske og skotske kunst –»