Munchmuseet, MM K 4223

MM K 4223, Munchmuseet. Datert 14.03.1932. Brev fra R. H. Morton, The Society of Scottish Artists (Scottish arts Club).

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Munchs skrevne tekst

Munchs skrevne tekst

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Skriv ut visningsforklaring
Telephone No. 22441.
24 Rutland Square


    Dear Mr Munch,

    I was very proud and
grateful to you for your very kind
letter, and although the exhibition
is over the powerful and thrilling
experience of having your unique
personality expressed through the
works you were good enough to
loan us, remains.

    The president of our society
and many other people interested
in Art, have asked me to
convey to you their heartfelt
indebtedness for the rare
pleasure and stimulous you



have afforded us in Scotland.
    I am sorry nothing suitable
could be arranged regarding
your proposal that your Edinburgh
exhibit could be advantageously
shown in London.

    Owner of galleries –
“dealers,” are not always the
easiest of mortals to deal with
as they have so many axes
to grind, and in these trying
times still more eager to be
certain of substantial results
in hard cash.

    I am glad to know that
your pictures were carefully
packed and safely dispatched
from this Country, and I
trust that they will all
arrive in perfect condition.



    I am glad to learn from Miss
Aavatsmark that you are
well and I hope that this
year will bring you fresh
inspiration to create many
more masterpieces to give to
the world.

    I enclose a cutting from
Tuesday’s Scotsman January
12th, which again proves
the value your exhibit has
been to the Artistic life of
the community. Although it
has been little understood
by many visitors to our



galleries it has made people not
only discuss the meaning of Art,
but has shaken them in their
selfsatisfied attitude towards
the Artist, not only so, but the
more serious minded painters
have been compelled to take
stock of themselves, and I
believe that new values have
been impressed upon them with
possible rare benefit to themselves
and their future work.

    With renewed thanks to you for
the keen pleasure your letters have
afforded me and for the great
priviledge I feel in coming into
closer contact with your vital

    I look forward eagerly to
seeing more, and also to thanking
you in person when next I
have the joy of visiting Oslo.

    With kindest remembrance
Very Sincerely Yours

    R.H. Morton.