Munchmuseet, MM K 4222

MM K 4222, Munchmuseet. Datert 23.11.1931. Brev fra R. H. Morton, The Society of Scottish Artists.

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Forklaring av tegn og farger i visningen

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Munchs skrevne tekst

Munchs skrevne tekst

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Skriv ut visningsforklaring

    44 Clermiston Road

23rd November 1931

    Dear Mr Munch,

    It was with great pleasure that I
received your very kind letter and gracious gift
of the book:“Gustav Schiefler, Verzeichnis Des
Graphischen Werks, Edvard Munch” –

    Personally I have seen more of your Lithographs
than Etchings. I shall not rest content, however,
until I have had the invigorating experience
of seeing as much as possible of your individualistic
expression, no matter in what medium.

    Immediately on receipt of your second letter
– which arrived yesterday – with enclosed catalogues,
I had a meeting with our President and Secretary.

    Mr. Noel Salvesen is at present at his shooting
lodge in the North, and is not expected to return
to Edinburgh for some weeks, nevertheless I had
your sayings translated and put before our publicity

    The Council officially took over from the hangers
today and there was a good deal of discussion
about your work. The more enlightened members
were enthusiastic, and at the other extreme some
of “The Die Hards” expressed disapproval and even



    I shall be surprised if you do not gain some
staunch champions in this country.

    Professor Herbert Reid who has seen your
work abroad is to broadcast – on Saturday night
28th November – on the Society of Scottish
.      I have lent him all the books and
Reproductions I possess on your work. Tomorrow
pressday he along with others will view the
present Exhibition, and on Saturday many
papers will show the result.

    The reporter for The Scotsman asked me for
information regarding you and your Art. I trust
I gave a reasonable idea of your virile expression etc..
I shall post you Press Notices as they appear.
I have long since grown tired of the stale
lifeless “so called” Art – which is all too
common in our exhibitions, and – as I have
said before – I welcome the thrill and
revivifying influence of a powerful personality
like yours amongst us.

    You know that your work is bound to
have its detractors in this country as well
as elsewhere, but I firmly believe that many
who denounce it most bitterly are often the victims
of their own sense of inferiority and are
incensed into ungoverned protest from their half



conscious feeling that they are missing something
worthwhile. Anyhow it fails to penetrate
their sterile imaginations, and deadened feelings
not to mention prejudiced minds. Jealousy
plays a prominent part too, especially as many
members and others have their works rejected.

    Speaking of my own early environment and
teaching I find it difficult to steadily grow
towards a better understanding of the meaning
of Art, and I feel certain we should be
grateful to all courageous spirits like

    My opinion is that your work not only
looks well on the walls of our exhibition but
puts us younger painters to shame, because of its
immense virility and fearless abandon. We
sadly need more of your splendid power and
I am proud to have done my share of getting
our society to show a wall of your amasing

    With kindest Remembrance
and renewed thanks for your much
prized gift

    Yours Very Sincerely
R.H. Morton